King Park Invested Almost $1.6 Million Developing Affordable Housing in 2018

King Park strives to transform and revitalize Marion County by improving economic development, and quality of life in Indianapolis neighborhoods. In 2018, King Park’s affordable housing programs made an incredible impact in our communities by renovating and building housing and assisting families to achieve homeownership.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • King Park spent nearly $1.6 million on developing affordable housing.
  • King Park along with our partners helped 11 new families achieve homeownership.
  • King Park awarded more than $110,000 in down payment assistance to new homeowners.
  • King Park’s homebuyers averaged more than $50,000 in equity at closing, more than doubling last year’s figure.

“Affordable housing is an essential part of a diverse, inclusive, and resilient neighborhood.  King Park’s investment in affordable housing is central to our commitment to building healthy neighborhoods,” says Steven Meyer, Executive Director of King Park.

Check out all the ways King Park has impacted our communities.

2018 King Park Housing Breakdown

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