The team comprised of experts in different aspects of community development – community outreach, placemaking, public art, affordable housing, market-rate housing, single-family housing, rehab and new construction, multi-family housing, mixed-use and mixed-income developments, commercial development, small business support, commercial lending, and federal grant administration. Moreover, the team worked alongside each other, as formal partners and informal supporters, with the same goal of revitalizing Monon16 as an inclusive, diverse, and equitable neighborhood.

Monon16 Stories


Greatriarchs of Monon16

This collection of portraits by Abi Ogle are meant to recognize and honor some of the incredible long time residents of the Monon 16 neighborhood.

Rubble and Dust

“Rubble and Dust,” by Andrew Whitaker is devoted to hopeful development via demolition—of a corner of fear being turned into a corner of new life.

Don’t Lose the Story

“Don’t Lose the Story,” by Andrew Whitaker focuses on the importance of maintaining a posture of humility when thinking about neighborhood redevelopment.

King Park

“King Park,” written and recorded by singer-songwriter resident Paul Smallman reflects the feeling of walking through the neighborhood in fall.

Celebrating Lift Indy with Song

“Lift,” written and recorded by Nabil Ince (featuring Jake Hendershot) celebrates Lift Indy and the opportunities it brings to Monon 16.

Bus 5

“Bus 5,” written and recorded by Michael Williams (featuring Luke Crawley) speaks of the changes seen on East 16th Street from Indygo’s Route 5.


A public art installation, by local artistic team comprised of Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley, is located along E. 16th Street to complement PreEnactIndy.

Views from the Porch

This collection of videos by the Harrison Center tells the stories of long time Monon 16 residents.

2017 PreEnactIndy

PreEnactment theater envisions a neighborhood that OUGHT to be—just, equitable, and economically vibrant.

Lift Indy

Lift Indy celebrates neighborhood history, honors long term residents and preserves local culture.